Tips to Maintain EyeLash Extensions

Seeing your lash extensions fall off can be a dreadful sight. But did you know? It is natural for 4-11 lashes to fall daily and after 2 weeks of getting the lashes done, up to 12-40 lashes can fall everyday. That's your cue to visit your beautician and get a touch up done. But if your lashes start falling more than expected before 2 weeks, there might be something that you're doing wrong. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you maintain your eyelash extensions and make them last longer. 


First of all, you will not need eyelash curlers for your lash extensions. They are already curled during the process, giving you permanent curled up lashes.


Oil-based products should be completely avoided in order to protect those lash extensions. Buy face products labelled “oil-free” only. If unsure, ask the sales person and make sure you're choosing the right product.

While cleaning the eye area to remove makeup or eye shadow, use cotton pads saturated in makeup cleanser. Make sure the cotton pads are not dry or else it’ll stick to your lashes and getting rid of them can be a task. If you want to clean your lash extensions, use the lash stick and gently brush through the lashes. Be gentle on your eyes while cleaning them and do not rub the lash extensions.

Light Eyes Makeup Remover

Light eyes makeup remover is appropriate if you have lash extensions on. It is water-based and comes in the shape of small circular and heart-shaped pads. It prevents the glue, that attaches the extensions to your natural lashes, from falling apart because oil in the make up remover breaks down the glue. Just leave the remover on your eyes for about 5 to 10 seconds, and gently wipe to remove your makeup.


If you got those lashes on, trust us when we say you won’t need any mascara to begin with. Extensions give you lovely, long and full lashes, thus eliminating the use of mascaras.

But if you’re one of those mascara fanatics then don’t worry there’s a solution to this too! You can use ONLY water-based mascara. Water-based mascara is not the same as waterproof. So be very cautious while reading the label and buy the correct product. Apply the mascara very carefully and only on the tips.


Overexposure to constant moisture might be harmful to the lashes. So, make sure to prevent that. Although, daily activities like washing your face or swimming can be done without any worries. But if you are someone who likes spending time in the kitchen or are involved in activities that expose you to moisture, use the The Light Eyes 6D Mascara.

Light Eyes 6D Mascara

It is a protective serum helps to prolong your extensions' lifespan by 30%. With a protective coating, the Mascara keeps dirt out and prevents moisture and facial oil from breaking down the glue that is holding on to the extensions. The Mascara also helps to hold the curls of your extensions, while keeping them in place. Just apply it daily and rinse it away before going to bed.


Make sure you don’t miss your touch up appointments every 2-3 weeks in order to maintain those lashes. Although the intervals also largely depend on how well you maintain your extensions. But don't wait too long for your touch up & fill up sessions. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes for the beautician to fill them. If you're too late, you might require an entire new set.

Eyelash extensions cannot last forever, but with a little maintenance and care they can go a little longer. Whether it's extensions or natural lashes, they all deserve a little lash love! Show them some affection and they'll make you look the prettiest. 

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