Soufflé Lash Extensions

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          Why Soufflé?

Soufflé is a multi layered technique that gives a fuller, bolder and fluffier effect. This will accentuate your eyes perfectly giving you dramatic, classy and sexy eyes.

Soufflé Natural  $88
Touch Up $48

Soufflé Natural Lash is perfect if you want to achieve the "No Makeup" Makeup look! It is a good in-between for Everyday Lash and Volume Lash, that typically comes with approximately 160 strands.

(Choice of 2D+3D Lash of 0.10 or 3D Lash of 0.07)

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Soufflé Volume  $118
Touch Up $56

As compared to the classic Volume lash, Soufflé Volume is much more subtle, while maintaining the eyeliner effect. Using thinner lashes of your choice, they will give off a romantic yet flirty look at the same time.

(Choice of 3D Lash of 0.10 or 4D Lash of 0.07)