Facts you SHOULD know before getting Brow Embroidery

The shape of your brows frames the face and can change your portrayed image. It makes eyebrows a very important feature of your face, hence you should not neglect them! Semi-permanent brow embroideries are becoming more popular, as it saves the hassle of having to draw the perfect brows at the start of each day.

As it is a form of tattooing procedure, it is very important that you do your research about brow embroideries and the individual salons. Here are some key information that you will need to know before committing to the brows, as ultimately they are semi-permanent and you wouldn't want to have any regrets!

Communicate with your Beautician

Don't be afraid to tell your Beautician what style of brows you want. Each beauticians have their personal style, but it is crucial to communicate with them what you are looking for. Ensure that she has the satisfactory brow shape drawn, before she starts the procedure.

Avoid wearing make up

Light Eyes Makeup Remover

Remove your makeup before going to your beautician. Make sure you take off your eye makeup and anything on your brows that can distract the beautician from deciding the best and most suitable design for you.

It is not as painful as you think 

Most clients are usually afraid that the procedure will be painful, but all you need to do is relax a little. We understand that it can be quite overwhelming with needles on your skin and it might seem like it'll be very painful. But don't worry we will apply a numbing cream 30 mins before the session which will reduce the pain. And if that also doesn't help you can always ask for extra numbing cream. You might not actually feel anything but if you pre-assume the pain it might be problematic for you as you might end up creating superficial pain in your head.

Stay till you know you can still slay

Brow embroidery is a very intricate procedure. Relax, and let our beautician do the magic! The procedure will take some time, ensure that you are hundred percent sure about your brows before leaving. Feel free to tell us if you want any changes or are feeling any kind of discomfort.


Try to stay away from water for at least a week. Make sure your brows do not come in contact with water. You can buy transparent film dressing easily available at any pharmacy near you and can also use face shield during shower time for extra protection.

We will provide you with some soothing/heeling cream after the procedure to apply on the brow area to avoid itchiness and redness. Apply daily without fail to avoid any kind of infections. If that doesn't work you can use Vaseline on the affected area.

Quality over price 

A little tip- Do not compromise on your brows. They are here to stay so a little extra investment shouldn’t hurt! Do your research properly and see if the salon is hygienic. Look at the quality of their services and not the price.

Being a little aware is always a good idea, especially when it's something you're considering of exploring for yourself. So, when your beautician asks you what you want, you're a little less surprised. 

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