Semi-Permanent Embroidery

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Beauty isn't all about looking good.

Beauty is also about improving your standard of life! Don't you wish to walk out of your house, saying "I woke up like this"?
Come to Emerald Allure and get the convenience you've been looking for.


Misty Brows  $488 

The Misty Brows provide the most natural looking, yet precise brows. This semi-permanent embroidery will look just like having your eyebrows drawn!

You can opt to go for a full dark brow, or a gradient which is lighter at the beginning of your brows, and darker at the ends.

Comes with 1 touch-up session.

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Korean Eyeliner Embroidery  $350 

Find it a hassle to have your eyeliners drawn everyday before leaving house? Have them semi-permanently embroidered! It can be done on your upper eye, or the outer half of your lower lash line.

Comes with 1 touch-up session.