Beauty To-Be Lash Extensions

About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a cosmetic application used to enhance the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes.

At Emerald Allure we make sure that you have a great experience & leave with the most beautiful lashes. You can choose from an array of options and customize the length, volume and color of your lashes!

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Everyday Lash

The Everyday Lash is perfect for the most natural look. With consistent length along the eyelids, they create extra volume and length to brighten up your eyes!

(150 strands in total)

$60 / Touch-up: $30

Volume Lash

The Volume Lash gives off a mild eyeliner effect, if you have natural lashes that are slightly thinner or more sparse, the Volume Lash is able to provide you a fuller and thicker lash look.

(220 strands in total)

$80 / Touch-up: $40

2D Volume

2D Volume refers to 2 lash extensions being attached to 1 natural lash. This is great if you would like to fill up the sparse areas of your natural lash, without having them to be too dramatic.

(Unlimited strands, varies for different people)

$108 / Touch-up: $50

6D Volume

6D Volume refers to 6 lash extensions being attached to 1 natural lash. This would be your choice for a fuller eye look with feathery lashes, as the thickness of lashes used are of 0.07, which creates a soft and fluttery feel.

(600 strands in total)

$128 / Touch-up: $60

9D Volume

9D Volume refers to 9 lash extensions being attached to 1 natural lash. Your to-go choice for the full dramatic look! With the voluminous effect, it will instantly brighten up your eyes. Fret not if you are afraid that the volume will be heavy, as the lashes used are 0.07 thickness, hence giving a lightweight fluttery look.

(Unlimited strands, varies according to individuals)

$150 / Touch-up: $70


Single strands $15
Cluster $25

Lash removal is a simpler process than lash extensions. We can ensure that you will have the most eased out experience with us. So, come in without any hesitations.

Color Lashes:

Brown Lash +$10
Color Lash +$15

Lashes come in different shapes and sizes but also in different colors!
From the natural black to decent brown and blasting pink, purple & red.
You name it we have it !!


Cinderella Lash + $10

We have an option for you to do Cinderella Lashes as well! Cinderella Lashes are slightly softer as compared to our classic Diamond Lash, which are much darker and glossier.

Meteor Lash + $10

With some short and long lashes staggered, it gives the same effect as a doll-like falsies. The meteor style is gaining more popularity among our clients as it fits most eye shapes, and you can even spot them on the Kardashians!

Recommended to be matched with Souffle Volume, 6D and 9D Lash Extensions for better Meteor results.