How to Fix A Broken Nail at Home

We all dread broken nails, especially when you’ve spent a lot of time and efforts on growing them! A simple bang on the wall or nails getting stuck in clothes, that's all it takes for your nails to break.

Nails usually break because of stress on the nail but can also break due to overall weakness. A lack of keratin can result in weak, discolored nails, so nurturing your nails properly and providing them with the care they need is essential. Don’t worry if you want to have some manicures but have a broken nail, because we have a couple of solutions that might help you deal with it in a better way!


Wait what? How can a tea bag fix a broken nail? It might seem ridiculous but it’s true. With a few simple steps you can fix those beauties using a tea bag!

STEP 1: Hold the broken nail and fingertip together.

STEP 2: Use a filer to even those splits.

STEP 3: Cut a tea bag to the size of a small piece that covers the part with the broken nail.

STEP 4: Apply a coat of clear polish over the tea bag.

STEP 5: While the polish is still wet, use a pair of tweezers and gently place the tea bag piece over the broke nail.

STEP 6: Allow that area to dry and then apply 2-3 more coats of clear polish.

STEP 7: After the clear polish has dried, apply the color you want to camouflage the tea bag.


Natural nails are the best! But imagine growing a full set and having to cut them all off just because one of them decided to betray you. Well, don’t let it happen again! Sometimes fake ones aren’t that bad also.

So, you can easily fix it by trimming off the broken nail and nicely covering it with a set of glue-on or press-on nails, until your natural nails grow back out. This always works!


This might come as a shock, but honestly there isn't any perfect way to fix a broken nail. The best thing to do it file the nail to remove the damaged part, and then cut the other nails to match the size of the broken nail. This might hurt a little but this is the best thing to do. For future reference, use CND RESCUERXX™ DAILY KERATIN TREATMENT or other cuticle oil to maintain the strength of your nails so they don't break easily.

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