Eyelash extensions come in different shapes, sizes and if you did not know, colors too. The basic color is black, but there are other colors available ranging from natural browns, beige, to wild red, blue and pink. Well, what can we say, one must always be spoilt for choice. It’s all up to you! Add that extra glam to your outfit by including a full pair of colored lashes or just go subtle by adding a couple of colorful strands.

Why should you get colored lash extensions?

It might seem like a difficult choice but can turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made. Colored lash extensions are applied using the same technique as black lash extensions, so all you need to worry about is what color you want your lashes to be.

  • Get more than what you can get from mascara

We are all familiar with colored mascara, but colored lashes are the new trend. Mascara application is not in your control. It gets applied to numerous lashes at the same time and you can’t really choose to leave out a few. With colored lashes, along with the color, you can also choose the number of lash strands you want. Go all out with a full set or achieve something sober with a few strands here and there, you decide!

  • Enhance your natural eye color

Sometimes a little more is needed to enhance the beauty of your eyes, apart from the length and volume of lash extensions. Adding colored lashes to the extensions can brighten your eyes and make them stand out. Mixing a few colored strands with the standard black can make your eyes stick out. But if you have an eye color like green, blue or light brown, that already stands out; going for a full set of color lashes like ombre of bright hues can actually enhance your eye color. Purple lash extensions make brown eyes look bigger and really intensify the beauty of green eyes. Green lash extensions bring out brown eyes too and make them look trendy. Blue lash extensions make blue eyes look prettier and go well with green and brown eyes too.

  • Added beauty to your lenses

Color & design lenses are a new trend in the eye-wear industry. If you’re already succumbed to this trend or are planning to, colored lashes will be such a great add-on. Add the extra charm to your lenses with colored lash extensions. Whatever color lenses you decided to purchase, get lashes done that compliment that color.

  • Get all the stares & glares

If you’re someone who likes exploring new things and innovating, color lashes are definitely your thing. They are a great way to compliment your style and creates a look that gets admired. They go well with whatever hair color you decide to get and complements it very well. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t like getting noticed. If you’re going to a costume party, colored lashes are going to be the highlight of your outfit for going the extra mile.


How to accommodate colorful lash extensions in daily life?

The best part about colored lash extensions is that its styles have no limit. This makes it easier for you to accommodate it in your daily lifestyle. Choose to get the subtle brown or red hues if you want them to enhance your eyes but not stand out too much. If you’re someone into bright colors and pops, get a few strands of color lashes mixed with your usual or get the full set and make a statement.

  • You don’t have to go ALL OUT

Trying colored lashes for the first time can be a little scary. You might be confused as to how will it turn out, will it suit your eyes, should you go all out with the full set or maybe just get a few strands. Well, there’s no need to worry. As your beautician, if you’re a little skeptical about the color lashes, we would recommend a mix of standard black or brown with the color of your choice. And once you think it suits you, you can go all the way. But if you want to try the full set, we’re there to help you select the perfect color that’ll enhance the beauty of your eyes.

  • Perfect for any occasion

Color lashes are the perfect accessory if you have a special occasion or event coming up. Glam up your eyes for the special day with color lashes that complement your eyes and complete your look. Create an effect on your eyes by choosing any color combination you wish and any pattern you desire.

If you’re attending a costume party, match your lashes to your costume and face make up because, why not? Give your look that differentiating element with colorful lashes and stand out.

Colored lash extensions come in a variety of colors and it totally depends on you what color you want. Just choose the color and we’ll be there to create the magic.

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