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Mishang Medical Cold Compress Mask


Mishang Medical Cold Compress Masks version 2.0 are created using medical standards with authoritative certification, leading the industry benchmark to repair the epidermal barrier, maintain skin health, and improve problem skin.

The ingredients of the Masks are strictly screened. It is produced under national supervision, pharmaceutical-grade quality testing standards. Its safety and effectiveness have been repeatedly tested and clinically verified. The Mask is able to revitalise skin and repair damaged cells from the roots. Use it daily to witness the change!

The Mask is also specially made of tencel membrane cloth, which contours perfectly to most Asian women's faces. Light and breathable, you will feel like it is not even there. 


  • Hydrates and nourishs skin deeply
  • Soothes irritation
  • Repairs damage and heal wounds
  • Restores barriers
  • Whitens and smooths skin, anti-aging and anti-ache

Use it daily for maximum effect, see the difference by the 28th day!

Product of China.

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